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Monitoring data throughput on Cisco 819 34/4G modem

We have a Cisco 819 modem/router

We need a way to monitor the radio bandwidht usage, since it is chargeable per month


The "obvious" way to approach this is via SNMP - periodically query the MIB, compare the counter values to when they last reset and/or the unit was powered up, and use that to build a picture of the daily data usage.


My two questions are:


Is this a reasonable approach


If it is, the best OIF to use would seem to be


Which is defined in the MIB as:

Total data transmitted for all calls. It is the total amount of data transmitted by modem, not to be confused with the number of bytes transmitted through the interface.


What I am less clear on is what "all calls" refers to - is this since power up? Since the counters last overflowed....? Something else?



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