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Monitoring issues between providers

Wanted to find out everyones opinion on this website:

How good or bad it is.  Basically we are having issues where most of our Verizon DSL or FIoS customers are complaining that they are seeing latency accessing us and their other site through us.  They are ofcourse testing this via simple ping to the WAN IP's back and forth.  Other than that they also say that the access is slow.  So when I look at the metrics on the website I am trying to figure out how reliable that information is, has any one had any good experience?  Or is there any other site to see if there is congestion or issues going on between providers? 



Re: Monitoring issues between providers

Every ISP have multiple paths. Those readings may be coming from healthy paths. Between you and your users might be unhealthy path.

If you have multiple paths consider this.

  • If the primary connection of your users is inbound to your side (upload to your user side), there is nothing much you can do. You cannot manipulate inbound without other ISP overrides it (unless you talk to them - but most likely they will not listen to you as they have their own problems and politics).
  • If the primary connection of your users is outbound to your side (download to your user side), you can change your BGP local preference to the user ASN to choose the healthy path.

Now, you can use SmokePing to monitor latency to major ISPs that your users are connected.

Monitoring issues between providers

Thank you for the reply Danilo, can you elaborate the inbound and outbound to my side please?

When you say, "users is inbound to your side (upload to your user side)" --> Us accessing data at our user locations hence the path from our DC's to users via Verizons network?

and "users is outbound to your side (download to your user side)" --> Users accessing data at our DC's hence the path from users to our DC's via our providers?

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