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Moving from ATM to IMA

We currently have a router with an

ATM connection from our service provider.  This ATM interface on the router has sub-interfaces that are point-to-point with different DLCIs and are used to reach external sites.  I need to move those connections to a different router that already has an existing IMA connection from the same service provider.  The IMA interface also has point-to-point subinterfaces each with its own DLCI.  If I reuse the DLCI numbers from the ATM subinterfaces on the first router, can I just configure them on the new IMA router?  Do I need to involve the service provider to re-map anything?  Would the external sites need to change anything in their router configs if I reuse the same DLCIs?  Thanks for all your help.

Cisco Employee

Re: Moving from ATM to IMA

Hi there,

You may move the existing PVCs from the ATM router to the IMA router, however, your service provider needs to be made aware of such changes. This is because, the PVC numbering (VPI/VCI) needs to be the same on both the router/cpe and the ATM switch (ISP). Otherwise, the PVC will not communicate over that link.

Regarding your second part of the question, the external sites do not need any further config changes on them, as long as your ISP maps the PVCs on the IMA router to the existing PVC numbering for the external sites, on their ATM IMA switch.

Let me know if you need further clarification.



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Re: Moving from ATM to IMA

Great !!  Thank you very much for your reply !!

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