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moving from point-to-point to mpls - voice question

Hi all - Currently using ptp T1's as my main WAN links. We basically put 12 channels of voice/12 channels of data on each link - using an add-drop csu - the voice is from digital switch from fujitsu - the add drop connects to a T1 card on the switch.

Looking to hopefully move to MPLS to get some of the great advantages that service offers - but I'm confused as to how I'm going to get that legacy digial voice over the circuits. A friend a mine said it would be pretty simple - buy 'some type of wic' for the router, do some extension routing/conversion on the router - for example - if you're trying to dial extension 4xxx - route that to ip segment 172.5.x.x.

Can't find any docs or info about this anywhere - probably because I'm not even sure what the terminology is for that type of 'digital voice'/router integration. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be most appreciative.




Re: moving from point-to-point to mpls - voice question


MPLS VPNs will only transport IP traffic. Thus the only option you have is to use VoIP across the MPLS VPN and use the router as a voice gateway. There are many documents on this topic, but in brief, you will need QoS for VoIP and the SP has to implement it as well.

One sample document to look at would be:

"Configuring Connection Trunk for VoIP Gateways"

But it really depends on your exact voice/voip requirements, so see if you get along with what I posted or provide additional questions and information.

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

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