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Moving to a Dynamic routing protocol

I had a simple setup where i did everything by static routing, we've added a DR link to the mix and I'd like to get some ideas on the best way to do this.

1. DR link carries only my replication/backup traffic during normal operation

2. all other traffic is sent over the mpls

3. in the event of an mpls failure at hub a or hub b i need to then advertise either hub out of the running hub and then route that traffic through that site to the backup

How do I enable the eigrp and only allow my current statics to continue over that link and then in case of a failure everything should failover to the dr link

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Re: Moving to a Dynamic routing protocol

Hello Jerry,

you just need to advertise in EIGRP the same prefixes that are advertised by BGP: because you use different BGP AS numbers on hub a and hub b the session is eBGP and has a better lower (20) Administrative Distance then EIGRP (90).

So in normal conditions all traffic goes via MPLS, if the MPLS Link fails the EIGRP routes are used.

The static routes are used for the replication traffic.

Hope to help


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