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MPLS and IP redistribution

I have a network in which the voice(IP Phones) run through vrf. all other networks are carring IP traffic.

Now i have to add IP phone in a network that runs IP traffic. Is it possible for me to redistribute the new IP phone, which carries normal IP packet, to the orginal vrf voice network without running vrf in the new network. i have ospf running in both ip and vrf network, each running on a seperete proccess ID. Is there possible that i redistribute between them .


Re: MPLS and IP redistribution


Generally you can do route leaking, if you can tell us more about your topology we can discuss this better.

Route Leaking in MPLS/VPN Networks logic


Mohammed Mahmoud.

New Member

Re: MPLS and IP redistribution

dear Mohammed Mahmoud;

I'm in ISP and If i have H.O connected with thier remote branches thru normal IPSEC VPN. for ISP router-PE they have normal subinterface with thier own PVC pointing to customer H.O ( we are using static routing protocol). my problem now , i want to start the the MPLS/VPN between 2 new branches only and customer H.O-CE router but without effect the IPSEC VPN with other branches. I know if i created VRF then the IPSEC branches can't see their H.O router. ( please give me clear example ).

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Re: MPLS and IP redistribution

dear Mohd;

any update.

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