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mpls and iplc

hi this is manish, in our company there is four iplc line and one mpls line ,we have planned that our voice network will transmit from iplc and data network will go from case of mpls it goes down frequently , so we think that in case if if it goes down then how can we shift our mpls line to iplc line for no downtown time.please suggest.



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Re: mpls and iplc


You need to elaborate your network a bit more, are you aggregating your voice / data network ? How are you are defining path for specific traffic i.e. how routing is being done ? only then some suggestion can be made.

Cheers !

Re: mpls and iplc

Hi Manish,

do you have separate VLANs for data and voice? If yes, you can configure policy based routing (PBR) for VLANs carrying voice traffic to take IPLC and VLANs carrying data to take MPLS path.

for automatic failover between IPLC and MPLS, in case either of them goes down, routing protocols configured in your network can take care of it.

but before we come to any conclusion, we would like to know about the topolgy of your network, which Layer 3 routing protocol is running in the network etc. if you can share this with us, it will give us idea and we can come up with better solution.

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Re: mpls and iplc

Hi Manish

In addition to other posts i would suggest to throw more lite on kind downtimes you experince out there with your SP and also an option for looking out for a redundant MPLS service provider or going for a new SP altogether.

Instead of pumping up the DATA traffic onto your IPLCs which i feel you might be using it for voice traffic exclusively you can shift of the local loop or the SP itself..

Also without proper QOS or bandwidth reserved for voice or data traffic on IPLC your data traffic may choke up the IPLCs...


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