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MPLS Bridged Ethernet Handoff to Remote office 871 Router

I have a remote office connected via a new MPLS Circuit and the carrier gives us an bridged ethernet handoff.

We purchased an 871 Router that has 4 switchports and one WAN port. I want to use f0 port to connect to our 3COM POE phone/workstation switch.

Our main office router IP is

I configured the WAN port on this remote router to be We use RIP2, and I could not get any advertisements across. I had IP Proxy arp enabled - and even configured the default static route to route to the FE4 (WAN) interface -and still cannot ping the 10.1.3 network from the clients or the remote router. I get dest net unreachable. I've tried enabling VLANS, BVI brides, Trunking the connection to the switch, etc.

Will this router work in my situation? Anything special I have to do? I can post the config - although I think it is currently off on the wrong track from all the stuff I've tried.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: MPLS Bridged Ethernet Handoff to Remote office 871 Router


you need to configure some address like 10.2.3.x under fa4.

Then if you can't ping your bridged mpls service is not working.

Re: MPLS Bridged Ethernet Handoff to Remote office 871 Router


If its L2VPN, then its all about p-t-p IPs,

you will need 10.2.3.x on the remote wan, and have static route pointing to each LAN network in every router.

you dont need (IPproxy-arp), and the destination unreachable is a message sent by a router indicates there is no route for specific Network.



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