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MPLS circuit............!

Hi all,

We ahve just ordered one MPLS circuit from our ISP. The ISP will provide the MPLS hand-off to our router i.e. edge router for MPLS cloud is going to be of ISP and from that router it is providing a serial connectivity to our router. At the hub side it is providing one T3/DS3 serial link of mpls hand-off.

My confusion/question is:

(1) Is making a tunnel from remote site to hub site is the only option if we do not choose to flood our OSPF routes into Sprint MPLS cloud?

(2) At the hub site we have T3 link, is it like we have to make subinterfaces out of DS3 serial interface and make tunnel interface using those subinterfaces?

Your response and help is highly appreciated.



Re: MPLS circuit............!

Hi Gaurav,

1. Yes, you'll have to configure tunnels between your CEs if you want the routing protocol to be between your CEs (but what is your logic here).

2. At the hub site you just need to have a single interface, and then configure all the tunnels out of this interface, no need for subinterfaces (unless you are doing this for bandwidth control).


Mohammed Mahmoud.

New Member

Re: MPLS circuit............!

Hi Mohammed Mahmoud,

Can you provide me with a dummy config for the hub router. we have a T3/DS3 controller at the hub router and we have to create three tunnels out of it.......


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