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MPLS + ILL design validation

Hi All,

Customer is curently having office in mumbai and kolkata connected over point to point link. As well as a backup connectivity on internet using site-to-site VPN.

At mumbai office there is internet connectivity as well as at kolkata office.

Requirement is to consolidate the resources keeping in to consideration redundancy of the overall wan network.

Kolkata lan should communicate with mumbai lan bypassing the firewall.

Kolkata lan should go to internet from mumbai router

Solution Proposed:-

At mumbai office we will have dual last mile on ethernet drop.

Similarly at kolkata we will have dual last mile for PoP connectivity over ethernet last mile.

MPLS will run on the proposed connectivity. also we are looking at running internet on the same last mile using different vrf in the router configuration.

Summary of Config:-


Mumbai :- Dual last mile will terminate on cisco router ethernet


Router lan port will terminate on layer 2 switch.

Layer 2 switch will have two vlans. (One vlan will be for private mpls

communication and other interface for Public (internet) communication.

On the same layer 2 switch firewall will be terminated.

Router will have two subinterface (One for Private MPLS connectivity ,

other for Public connectivity).

Internet will run over MPLS using multiple vrf.

Router WAN will also have multiple subinterface (One for private and one for public network). In all there will be four subinterface on the wan port for the two last mile and two subinterface on the lan side.

Kolkata will browse from mumbai.

Nat outside will be enabled on the public interface.

Nat inside will be enabled on the private interface.

Router will have default route pointing towards internet vrf gateway IP

Also there will be specific route for kolkata lan via private MPLS vrf

gateway IP.

Gre tunnel with kepalive will be used on the router to track ethernet

interface failure.

Will the above configuration help in achieving the required goal or we need to add any additional feature for it to work properly.

Pls suggest with possible config.




Re: MPLS + ILL design validation

I think your config will work. Following link may help you

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