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MPLS Multilink

Our organization are going for MPLS architecture for there premium client, cureently we are on leased lines.

My question is if I take MPLS link from diffrent service provider for can I do a multilink on router and project this link as a single link?

If yes will it affect if one of the link goes down?

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Re: MPLS Multilink


Definitely you can do this.We have done like the same scenario what you said in our datacenter.

We have 3 - 2 MB links from different service providers. We formed it as a single multilink bundle.and it works fine.

Then ia single link goes down then it will not affect the other but the bandwidth showing in the multilink interface will be reduced, if u give the command sh int mul 1.

Hope you know the configuration of adding serial links to Multilkinks.

Hope this information is useful to u.

Of so please rate it.

Re: MPLS Multilink

Just curious, were those three L3VPN MPLS links or L2VPN?

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Re: MPLS Multilink

I am damp sure that these are L3VPN MPLS links

Re: MPLS Multilink

Forgive me for asking/pressing, I'm just trying to get my head around this one and hoping to learn something really useful!

How exactly does that work?

Since from your CE, you can specify encaps ppp etc, and apply it to the interface configs for each service provider.

The ppp frame travels to the PE1, PE2, PE3 (one for each of the providers) who then bundle them together through some cooperative agreement on their end?

They would either have to agree on a multi-chassis ppp arrangement, or bundle them across three vrfs on the same chassis. Either way, seems at best problematic.

Now that an IP packet fragment has arrived on a PE, it is reassembled with other fragments from other provider vrfs or chassis into an IP packet, and transported across one of three mpls backbones?

Thanks for your patience with my ignorance!

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