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MPLS vrf table Route hanged.

I have added 2 Static Routes in Customer vrf on PE Router(Cisco 7206 with IOS Image as c7200-p-mz.122-25.S5.bin),one route through Lease Line and another with higher AD through ISDN & advertised these static routes into BGP.

On CE Router ISDN is configured as Backup to LL.when LL was up customer was having no issues in sending traffic to his Remote location.But when LL went down,ISDN dialled to PE Router ISDN,got connected but traffic didn't flow.When i checked on PE Router with " sh ip route vrf ABC ",it still was showing the route through LL,Then i removed Route through LL from the PE Router and it started sending traffic through ISDN.I added the route through LL back later.what could have been the reason,did the route through LL get stuck in the vrf table or is there any isse with IOS.Please give your comments.


Re: MPLS vrf table Route hanged.

Hi there

Is LL static route pointing to next hop address and was the interface actually down on "sh in interface"

if so , sh ip route should have pointed ( as u expected) to ISDN


New Member

Re: MPLS vrf table Route hanged.

Yes LL Static Route is pointing to next hop that is why when LL was up traffic was flowing properly.

when checked with " sh int " , it showed Serial is up ,line protocol is down.

But still it was showing the static route through LL in the vrf table when checked with " sh ip route vrf ABC " command.

could it be an IOS issue or some other issue.

Re: MPLS vrf table Route hanged.

Humm...if u are not using Frame really encapsulation but HDLC, static route should clear when line down.

ur static route doe snot have the permanent argument at the end ?


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