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MQC for Shaping Traffic at 75% Utilization

Can someone provide me an MQC sample config to start shaping traffic once a curcuit hits 75% utilization? I don't want to limit any specific host(s) or protocol. It will be used on varying wan speeds (T1, T3, Multilinks). Again the key word is shape NOT police. Thanks in advance.

Super Bronze

Re: MQC for Shaping Traffic at 75% Utilization

Normally, shaping restricts allowable bandwidth. We can shape traffic at 75% of a link's bandwidth, which is rather pointless unless we're trying to guarantee 25% for other traffic. Even then, I would consider CBWFQ bandwidth provisioning a better choice.

What you're asking, to start shaping at 75% doesn't make sense since there's no congestion, unless, as above, we keep some traffic from exceeding 75%.

If you could further describe what you're trying to accomplish. Someone might be able to provide the MQC sample that would provide it.

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