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mtrace command on Nexus 5548

I have two Nexus 5548s connected together in a VPC setup. All the VPC vlans are setup with HSRP on them between the swtiches. There is a non-VPC vlan on both devices that is used as a layer 3 adjency for OSPF area 0. This layer 3 link is done over a vlan over the vPC peer-link.

One switch, 5548-01, has two layer 3 ports to other Nexus switches over an Ethernet WAN. These layer 3 ports are running in OSPF area 0 also.

I am using the mtrace command to test our multicast setup. Can anyone help interpret the output below. I have added my coments in red.

5548-02# mtrace

Mtrace from to via group

Querying full reverse path... * switching to hop-by-hop:

  0  ? (

-1  ? ( PIM  [default] (Source interface)

-2  ? ( PIM  !RPF!? ( [default]

( is the peer HSRP address for this Vlan. is the layer 3 OSPF Area Link)

-3  * * ? ( PIM  [default] (WAN connection from 5548-01 to remote Nexus switch)

-4  * * ? ( PIM

-5  * ? ( PIM

-6  ? (

Round trip time 11 ms; total ttl of 5 required.

It looks to me like the reverse path query process eventualluy works but there is some bouncing between the shared vlan interfaces form the source vlan ( and Is this expected?

What does the "!RPF!?" mean?

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