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Multi-home internet connection

Company X has private AS number 65000 has two Serviec provider A & B has Public AS number. Is it possible Company X can advertise their e-comm network E-bgp Active and passive mode without having public AS number?

Please provide cisco best practice for E-BGP between two provider with private AS number?

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Multi-home internet connection

Hi Mohan,

best practice is to get public AS number (it is not a big deal).

You didn’t tell us if Company X has its own addresses (registered to Company X), if so there will not be a problem.

But if you plan to use Providers range of IPs, you must communicate this closely with your providers

Technically you can use private AS numbers to peer with 2 different providers, but on the Internet your range of IPs will be seen Advertised from 2 different entities, possibly with 2 different policies, and you should communicate with your providers that this prefix will be advertised from another AS too.


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Multi-home internet connection


Thanks for your reply.

Company X use  Providers range of IPs then I need advertise to both service provider and Provider will hide our private As number and advertise as their own network am correct ?

If Company X buy Public AS number then We need to advertise both the service provider and one will be active and other will be stand by.

Could you provide Documents for configurating two provider and advertising same subnet between them  and one will be active and other standby.

other exmaple , X is  going with private As and how can both provider will configure and advertise.

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