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Hello I'm in the process of adding a switch stack as our outer switched at our internet edge, I've done some reading on internet edge design from Cisco SBA and Juniper.

Currently we get full BGP table from both ISPs. We don't have a primary/backup design, but I plan on it. Currently ISP2 has a better route to our public space and VRRP is configured between our edge routers. The edge router to ISP1 is the active VRRP router, so traffic is asymmetric. Also the firewall and edge routers are on the default vlan1(this was here before me). There is OSPF between edge routers and firewall and iBGP between edge routers.

Our edge routers do not have a default route, i believe  i have a few options for achieving a primary/backup design. Configure a default route on the edge routers, ask ISPs to send a default route and redistribute into OSPF and manipulate metrics on primary ISP to be preferred. Or configure two static routes on the firewall with one floating and use IP SLAS(not sure if this is recommended) but in Ciscos SBA that's how they have it.

What is the recommended way to achieve the routing for primary/backup design? Would i still need to prepend on ISP1 just in case? Would communities be necessary also? ISP2 is the preferred ISP in this case

Attached is a current and new diagram.

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