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Multi homing without bgp.(different traffic on links, no nexthop)

Hi All!

I need to solve a following problem, but I haven't any idea.

We have one router with two wan(MLLN,DSL) and one lan interface.

The main connection is the MLLN (it has next hop ip), and the backup is the dsl.

We want to route the http,https and smtp traffic on the DSL link basicly, but if the connection fails this traffic goes on the MLLN too. The DSL connection doesn't have next hop IP, it changes (but we can track an IP and check the connection availability).

In the route-map section I can't check the connection if it doesn't have next hop.

route-map wan2 permit 10
match ip address 160       //https,http,smtp traffic
set interface Dialer0      //route to the dialer but can't check the availability, cos no next hop

ip route Dialer0 20 track 10
ip route 89.133.X.X track 20

Is there any solution?

how can I check the connection availability in this route map(wan2)?




Re: Multi homing without bgp.(different traffic on links, no nex

you can set this up with PBR

You will create an extended ACL with the specific ports you need and send this traffic where you want then apply it to the interface needing the direction of the traffic.  You will need to set up metrics to make sure you have backup routes as needed in this design.

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