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Multi link and Eigrp

Dear All;

In my network topology..I have several E1 for connecting between access routers and Distribute routers..

I want to use all of my e1 bandwdith with failover issue.

Do you offer me using CEF (per destination) load sharing or using PPP binding. my routing protocol is EIGRP.


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Re: Multi link and Eigrp

Multilink provides a true load-sharing option as the packets are hashed by the protocol and distributed evenly among the participating links.

CEF also provides load-sharing when using per destination but you will find a link being utilized more than the other. It all depends on the traffic flow and what destination is being used.

For instance, if you are using CEF per destination and you are accessing a Database server, you will find one link by used for that database server traffic flow (same source/destination pair) while using Multilink both links will be used on this traffic flow.

CEF per destination does not require the remote router to be configured with CEF per destination or per packet but with Multilink, you must configure both routers the same - that's its only drawback.




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Re: Multi link and Eigrp

Why a so-so rating for a correct, concise and factual post like Edison's ?

My rating, a "5".

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Re: Multi link and Eigrp

Thanks Paolo for the rating.

I'm finding a terrible pattern here in NetPro. You take your time to respond to a post and receive no feedback nor reply back from the original poster.

The original poster is participating in other threads so it's not lack of time to come back to the forum and respond.

There are other trends that bother me as well and if continues, I will find better use of my free time.

To all, if someone takes their time to respond to your problem, please take the time to rate it appropriately. It's that too much to ask?

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