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Multicast Groups

Hello Buddies,

I have problem receiving a multicast groups on my distribution switch 4506,

I can receive a multicast group on my core 6509 where source  is connected  directly in vlan 2 and when i connect my laptop on core in vlan 2 i can play a stream in vlc media player,

These same multicast groups are not reaching the distributing switch which is directly connected and though the routes are present and the neighbor ospf is also perfect. I have enabled ip pim multicast routing and disable ip igmp snooping in distribution switch and also enabled ip pim sparse mode between the interface of distribution and core and also on loopback interface. i have made the core as rendevious point in configuration for these groups.

Any more hints where things are going wrong, I hope the troubleshooting for RPF should come later when the groups are present in the multicast routing table.


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Re: Multicast Groups

Can you provide your config on both switches in addition to show io mroute and show ip igmp groups and show ip igmp snooping from both switches?

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