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Multicast -- Multicast VPN --- XRv

Would like your assistance please regarding below quesitos


1- As you know to verify multicast we can use ping.

My problem is that when you ping using source loopback address it does not work [spare-mode is configured normally under loopback] however when you configure using outgoing interface it pings normally

What could be the reason for this ?


2- Does XRv simulator works fine with multicast. I am having very strange behavior is that OIL list is always null although source is directly connected. Not sure if its a bug or XRv issue


R8#ping repeat 10


Type escape sequence to abort.

Sending 10, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:




RP/0/0/CPU0:XR2#show pim topology

Thu May 22 06:14:34.625 UTC


IP PIM Multicast Topology Table

Entry state: (*/S,G)[RPT/SPT] Protocol Uptime Info

Entry flags: KAT - Keep Alive Timer, AA - Assume Alive, PA - Probe Alive

    RA - Really Alive, IA - Inherit Alive, LH - Last Hop

    DSS - Don't Signal Sources,  RR - Register Received

    SR - Sending Registers, SNR - Sending Null Registers

    E - MSDP External, EX - Extranet

    MFA - Mofrr Active, MFP - Mofrr Primary, MFB - Mofrr Backup

    DCC - Don't Check Connected, ME - MDT Encap, MD - MDT Decap

    MT - Crossed Data MDT threshold, MA - Data MDT Assigned

    SAJ - BGP Source Active Joined, SAR - BGP Source Active Received,

    SAS - BGP Source Active Sent, IM - Inband mLDP

Interface state: Name, Uptime, Fwd, Info

Interface flags: LI - Local Interest, LD - Local Dissinterest,

    II - Internal Interest, ID - Internal Dissinterest,

    LH - Last Hop, AS - Assert, AB - Admin Boundary, EX - Extranet,

    BGP - BGP C-Multicast Join, BP - BGP Source Active Prune,

    MVS - MVPN Safi Learned, MV6S - MVPN IPv6 Safi Learned


(*, DM Up: 00:56:21 RP:

JP: Null(never) RPF: Null, Flags: LH DSS

  Loopback0                   00:56:21  off LI II LH

  GigabitEthernet0/0/0/2      00:56:14  off LI LH


(*, SM Up: 00:29:15 RP:*

JP: Join(never) RPF: Decapstunnel3, Flags:

  GigabitEthernet0/0/0/2      00:29:15  fwd Join(00:03:13)   <<--- receiver sends PIM Join normally


(, SM Up: 00:00:03

JP: Join(00:00:46) RPF: GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0.820,* Flags: KAT(00:03:29) RA RR (00:04:33)

  No interfaces in immediate olist   <<<<<------


Appreciate your assistance


Sherif Ismail

Community Member

Hi Sherif Ismail,I

Hi Sherif Ismail,

I encountered this and checked around. It seems that XRv supports Control-Plane features fully - BGP/IGP/LDP/PIM/etc. will work. However, Data-plane is supported with limitations.




Community Member

Hello,I just installed XRv 5


I just installed XRv 5.2.0. Shall I expect MVPN data plane work?



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