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MULTICAST on 2921 with Ethernet Module Card - VLAN IP PIM ISSUE

I have a 2921 with a

SM-ES3G-24-P module.

On the module switch I dont have an option to put "ip pim sparse-dense-mode" under the Interface Vlan 2. All I can do is put it in passive mode.

Any reason why?


Interface Vlan 2

  ip address

  <no option here>


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MULTICAST on 2921 with Ethernet Module Card - VLAN IP PIM ISSUE

Did you install the 'IP Services' license on the module?

It is separate from the router's license.



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MULTICAST on 2921 with Ethernet Module Card - VLAN IP PIM ISSUE

Not consoled to check IP services license module, but I was earlier able to add ip pim sparse-dense-mode on the nearby Gig interface on switch. Only option I seem to have in config-if mode under interface vlan 2 is ip pim passive. Odd.

2921 with SM-ES3G-24-P

Image 12.2.52EX1 C3560e-univerisalk9-m

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MULTICAST on 2921 with Ethernet Module Card - VLAN IP PIM ISSUE

Someone sent me sh ver output.

switch#show version
Cisco IOS Software, C3560E Software (C3560E-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 12.2(52)EX1,
Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 1986-2010 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Thu 13-May-10 14:25 by prod_rel_team
Image text-base: 0x00003000, data-base: 0x02400000

ROM: Bootstrap program is C3560E boot loader
BOOTLDR: C3560E Boot Loader (C3560E-HBOOT-M) Version 12.2(52r)EX, RELEASE SOFTWA
RE (fc1)

groundWave-switch uptime is 1 week, 1 day, 18 hours, 8 minutes
System returned to ROM by power-on
System restarted at 22:22:07 UTC Wed Feb 29 2012
System image file is "flash:/c3560e-universalk9-mz.122-52.EX1.bin"

This product contains cryptographic features and is subject to United
States and local country laws governing import, export, transfer and
use. Delivery of Cisco cryptographic products does not imply
third-party authority to import, export, distribute or use encryption.
Importers, exporters, distributors and users are responsible for
compliance with U.S. and local country laws. By using this product you
agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations. If you are unable
to comply with U.S. and local laws, return this product immediately.

A summary of U.S. laws governing Cisco cryptographic products may be found at:

If you require further assistance please contact us by sending email to

License Level: ipbase
License Type: Default. No valid license found.
Next reload license Level: ipbase

cisco SM-ES3G-24-P (PowerPC405) processor with 131072K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID FOC15445XQX
Last reset from power-on
3 Virtual Ethernet interfaces
26 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
The password-recovery mechanism is enabled.

512K bytes of flash-simulated non-volatile configuration memory.
Base ethernet MAC Address       : 08:D0:9F:59:01:00
Motherboard serial number       : FOC15445XQX
Model number                    : SM-ES3G-24-P
System serial number            : FOC15445XQX
Hardware Board Revision Number  : 0x00

Switch Ports Model              SW Version            SW Image
------ ----- -----              ----------            ----------
*    1 26    SM-ES3G-24-P       12.2(52)EX1           C3560E-UNIVERSALK9-M


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Re: MULTICAST on 2921 with Ethernet Module Card - VLAN IP PIM IS

The license level is IP Base, you need IP Services for multicast routing.

•  IP Base feature set, which includes advanced quality of service (QoS), a  suite of security features, rate limiting, ACLs, basic static and  Routing Information Protocol (RIP) routing capability, and Hot Standby  Router Protocol (HSRP)

•  The IP Services feature set provides a richer set of enterprise-class  features, including advanced hardware-based IP Unicast and IP Multicast  routing; Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Open  Shortest Path First (OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Protocol  Independent Multicast (PIM), and IPv6 routing; OSPFv3; EIGRPv6; IP  Service-Level Agreement (IPSLA) packet monitoring; Cisco Port Security;  and Virtual Route Forwarding Lite (VRF Lite)
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