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multicast: RP fault tolerance

Hi folks,

the question is: there's a way to implement an RP fault tolerance?

I've two RP, and I've to use one for X mGroups and one for Y mGroups, but if the first fails I need that the second serves all X and Y mGroups, and the same for a second's fault.

I think Anycast RP is not a solution for me...

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your support



Re: multicast: RP fault tolerance


Anycast Rp is THE solution (and maybe only solution):

" IP routing automatically selects the topologically closest RP for each source and receiver. Since some sources might end up using one RP, and some receivers a different RP there needs to be some way for the RPs to exchange information about active sources."

Please confirm that.

Thanks again


Re: multicast: RP fault tolerance

Hi there Andrea,

What protocol are you using for you RP?

If you're using BSR, then when you specify the interface that you want to use as RP candidate, then you can give it a priority. Check this for more details:-

You could then specify which groups go to which interfaces on which routers and create some fault tolerance that way. i.e, have 2 router with 2 loopbacks on both as rp candidates. Have your multicast groups split over the 2 interfaces and have one router take priority for one list and the other router take priority for the second list.

If you're using auto-RP, then I think anycast will be your only hope!

Hope that helps,


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