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multicast - video not displayed

Hi, I've an issue with multicast not working for a particular stream in one area of the network.

The multicasting works and the packets are received on the client (wiresharked).

mtrace, mrinfo, mstat, rpf, RP, pim (sparse) neighbours and pim DR are in the right place.

TTL is well within limits and not an issue.

When connection is established the correct resluts are seen in the 'sh ip mroute ...' and other show commands - so the setup of the multicast itself and the functions appear to be all ok.

Other multicast streams work on the 3750 switch stack in question.

Problem = The video doesn't display on the client connected to the 3750

Showing the statistics on the webpage (right click, stats) shows the connection speed as set but incrementing packets loss, even popping the embedded player out shows the same thing.

On another switch in a different part of the network all the multicast settings are the same but the stream shows up fine (all show commands etc give similar correct output). Connectivity tested at the same time. This working connection is from a 4500 series.

I was thinking perhaps buffers or queues specific to the 3750 but i cannot find any related documentation on the problem, nor can I see any issues in the stats, counters, buffers, queues. So I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to look next.

Has anyone had a similar problem or an idea of where else to look?


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