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multihome failover


i currently have cisco pix 515e, restricted license w/ 2 interfaces

i also have 2 internet connections

100mbps as my primary

and t1 as my backup

what i would like to achive is to have automatic failover in place in case if our 100mbps line goes does it'd automaticly switch to our t1 backup line

what do i need to do? buy and so on and so forth?


Re: multihome failover

Hi Alex

do you have someother equipment like router in between your PIX and the internet?

How have you terminated the T1 line at present ??

can you throw some clarity on the same..


New Member

Re: multihome failover

for T1, i do have a router, it's very old router, cisco 1750 i think..

100mbps doesn't have any router it goes to pix directly

New Member

Re: multihome failover

Alexus, I have the same situation here. How did you decide to multihome your two connections?

I'm trying to find a HW config that will do the trick, but haven't yet.


Re: multihome failover

PIX does not support ISP multihoming. THe only way for this scenario would be using a router between the ISP and the PIX. On the router you can do the failover using many techniques such as floating routers, route maps, and route reachability.

Let me know if this helps,

New Member

Re: multihome failover

I understand that pix does not support multihoming. I am having trouble finding a router I know will support multiple ports and route-map.

I am considering using a 3550 switch to do the trick, but I'm in a fog of multiple commands and have yet to find an example of this.


Re: multihome failover

You can go for 1720 Router with 2 WIC 1 ENETs if you ISPs termination is ethernet. Or a 3560 Switch would do it.

Let me know if you need help with the commands,


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