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Multihomed BGP design question


My customer have a multihomed BGP configuration (see attached router A), now my customer want to add a new EBGP link in another site to an upstream provider without having any internal IBGP connection to the main site of its AS10. In the new EBGP link there would be a new network to be redistribed (ie

Does it work ? Is it a correct design ?

What can I do to realize what my customer want to do ?




Re: Multihomed BGP design question

If the new site is not multihomed, why dont you use a private AS number there ?

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Re: Multihomed BGP design question


And could it works towards the internet ?

I'm not in charge of AS30... and I'm not sure AS30 will accept my private AS...

Maybe could be a good idea but pls explain better...



Re: Multihomed BGP design question

AS30 will replace the private AS number with it's own. For the rest of the internet, your client AS will be advertised by AS30.

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Re: Multihomed BGP design question

And what about RIPE assigment of the network 100.100.100.x/24 to AS10 ?

As far as I know the network assigned to a specific AS (AS10 in the example) on the RIPE db is filtered by the main provider over the internet and this could be an issue.

I mean that in the case the net 100.100.100.x/24 will be propagated by AS30 instead of AS10 and this could be cause of filtering ?

Re: Multihomed BGP design question

I've lived in the past with my public IP network advertised under my primary ISP AS number while also having a public AS of my own. This was a transition situation that lasted 6 months and my network was never filtered.

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