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Multilink - Unequal Channels Question?

We are planning on having a total of 4 full T1s (1.5 each) multilinked along with 1 fractional T1 (500 Kbps).  This would be a total of 6.5 Mbps on 1 multilink.  Presently this multilink is equal with only 3 full t1 lines.  This is the first time that I would configure this.

Will this cause a problems having the fractional (500kbps) as part of the multilink?  What type of configs should I look at to make it work?

Attached is the present multilink

Any response is greatly appreciated!! Have a great day!!!1

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Re: Multilink - Unequal Channels Question?

Hello Mdargin,

please leave the fractional T1 out of the bundle: because MLPPP does not have the capability to handle links with unequal speeds

you should fractionate each T1 in 3 500 kbps logical links in order to bundle them with the fractional T1

no sense doing this, make a bundle of the four T1 and give  to the fractional T1 its own IP addressing and an high cost in the protocol in use (OSPF or EIGRP for example).

You can still put some traffic over the fractional T1 using policy based routing (PBR) if desired or simply leave it as a backup

Hope to help


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