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I have two questions about PPP Multilink.

How many Multilinks can I configure in a router cisco 3845 ?

also How many link can I put inside a Multilink ?



Re: Multilink

Hi Hector Sandoval,

As per my knowledge you can configure from 1 to 2147483647, and I have bundled 3 individual (Same ISP, 1x64 Kbps and 2x128Kbps) link perfectly.



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Re: Multilink


1.Strangely i found the multilink group range starting from 0 till 214748364. I have mentioned the link also below for reference.

2.But when i tried using command

"interface multilink 0" on Cisco 3745 with 12.4 IOS , it gave error , & using tab it shows the range as mentioned by Gautam 1 to 2147483647

3.Also i found the option "Multilink PPP Minimum Links Mandatory" to form multilink ,as well there is option of maximum links in a multilink bundle.

commands for same are

"ppp multilink max-links links"

"ppp multilink min-links links"

And here it shows the range as 0 to 255, it means these number members of links can be added in a multilink group.

4.Well , practically i have added 4 links suceessfully on Cisco 10000 router.I am sure we can add more links.

5.None of the command referecne mentions the exaxt number of members , which can be added in a single multilink bundle.

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Re: Multilink

I need to create another Multilink2 with 2xE1 for a new client. I want to be sure this is possible before we buy the hardware.

Also on my 2801 I don't see any Multilink 0 as you reference on pint 2, this is what I see:

rt-2801(config)#interface multilink ?

<1-2147483647> Multilink interface number

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Re: Multilink

Thanks for your response, right now I have one Multilink1 with 6xE1, and I need to create another Multilink2 with 2xE1 on the same router, I have read a document that comments that you can have 8 links per bundle. See the attach document.

Re: Multilink

I think picture is clear should be able to create one more multilink then..

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