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Multiple GRE for multicast over ADSL

Hi. I'm working with a proprietary application that makes UDP Multicast trasmission in a group of 10 endpoint; I was wondering about setting up such multicast group over ADSL using 1800 routers and GRE. But with Cisco GRE can I build multiple tunnels in such way that let each endpoint to reach each others transparently?



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Re: Multiple GRE for multicast over ADSL

Hi, we do use multipoint gre tunnels to send multicast to less that one hundred sites, it works well.

I would be cautios if going up to 1,800 with anything less than a top platform, but either you use point-to-point, or multi-point GRE, at some point it merely becomes a memory copy operation, also consider that the 1,800 copies of the packet will need to go out anyway on the same wire, so make your bandwidth calculations.

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Re: Multiple GRE for multicast over ADSL

Thanks for the instant reply.

Sorry I was speaking of 1800 series routers, the endpoints are eleven or twelve, so I don't think to have too much problem of memory allocation or bandwith.

So what I need is multipoint GRE in each node; but what is the overhead introduced by the GRE encapsulation?

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Re: Multiple GRE for multicast over ADSL


While it is a bit ambiguous I believe that emmanuel was talking about 1800 as a model identifier and not as the number of routers (especailly since his post does talk about 10 endpoints).

I agree with you that sending multicast over GRE tunnels does work well.

[edit] after making my post I saw the response from emmanuel which confirms that 1800 was a model designation and not a number of router end points.

The amount of overhead introduced by GRE is 24 bytes added to the packet that is to be transmitted over the GRE tunnel.



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Re: Multiple GRE for multicast over ADSL

Ahah! Taking "1800 routers" for number of and not type! Time for me to go home!

Seriously now, we've a 1841 with the AIM VPN module, does perfectly for moderate bandwidth, but a lot of multicast. We will be upgrading it soon anyway.

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