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multiple internet connection terminating sigle router prb

dear all,

i have a 1841 with 12.4 base that i had installed a wic-it card and connected a leased for internet, public ip's are configured and its working fine.

fa0/0 is also configured with public ip.

in routers 2nd slot i installed wic1 adsl card and i configured, routers fa0/1 is configured with private ip where users are i'm facing problem. i cannot operate both leased line and adsl line together. if i remove the route for leased line adsl will work.if i remove adsl routing leased line is fine.

i need to do policy based routing here pls help.i'm posting the configuration pls help me.

i will rate all the posts.



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Re: multiple internet connection terminating sigle router prb


I do not have enough understanding of your situation yet to give you a complete answer. You say that you can not operate both the serial and the adsl together. I am not clear why not. Until we understand that we can not show you the proper Policy Based Routing - and indeed I wonder if PBR will solve whatever the problem is.

I see that NAT is configured for users on Fa0/1 going out the dialer. I do not see any NAT for the serial interface. You state that the serial interface is working fine and that things work if you remove the route for adsl. I do not understand how this can work without NAT.

I also do not understand what is going on with interface Fa0/0. It has a public address suggesting that it connects to outside. But there is no NAT for the inteface and no routing statement pointing toward the inteface.

I am also puzzled by these 2 static routes:

ip route

ip route

They both use as the next hop but there is not anything on the router (as configured) for which that is a connected subnet.

Perhaps if you can clarify the questions that I have asked and if you can be more specific about what you want PBR to do then we may be able to give you more effective assistance.



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