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Multiple ISP Termination


Our HQ Location dont support high bandwidth pipe served by ISP, so will go ahead with 3 different ISP at 2MB each.

Goal is to provide Email / Application access to Remote office using site to site VPN.

In Total will have 10 to 15 Branch offices each with around 25 to 35 users

Each ISP will give

  1. /29 subnet of public IP
  2. Copper Interface for WAN
  3. default Gateway and Two DNS server IP will be provide

Existing hardware we got are

  1. Cisco 2821 Router with 2 FastEthernet ports ( not in use )
  2. 24 port switch 2900 series ( not in use )

Can we use the above hardware to terminate all 3 ISP link and use the Router for site to site VPN.

Our Lan Core is Cisco 3560 which is uplink to 3X2950 user switch

Kindly advice on how should we terminate the link and use each ISP for VPN.




Multiple ISP Termination

short answer - yes, you can try.

Actually the 2821 has enough performance for your requirmets (I believ it can route upto 100Mbit with all features).

But I'd suggest instead of c2950 purchase two additional FE modules for your c2821 or a single 8 port switch module. Usually you don't want to see an additional device between your edge router and ISP router.

May I ask why do you get 3 different ISP and just one with 3 times 2 Mbit? Because You will never get a near equel loadsharing between all 3 ISP.

Multiple ISP Termination

i agree with the above post

having three ISPs, differnt IP ..etc will add more complexity tot he design and configurations

it is better if you have one or two of redundancy three will be too complex

hope this help

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Multiple ISP Termination


Let me give more details to clear out

  1. ISP Link 1  - Email & dedicated for Internet Browsing for on site users ( low cost internet bandwidth  - shared )
  2. ISP Link 2 - site to site VPN - Few remote office vpn terminates on ISP2
  3. ISP Link 3 - site to site VPN - Few remote office vpn terminates on ISP3

We can get only Two ISP with this scenario

  1. ISP 1 - Link 2 MB
  2. ISP 1 - Link 2 MB  < separate link from above > < similar to another ISP >
  3. ISP 2 - Link 2 MB

Oracle Application accessibility / performance is given more importance hence site-to-site vpn needs Two different ISP.

Please help



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