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Multiple routes on 2811

I have inherited a nightmare and need to know if what I am trying to do is possible with what we have (2811 with Advanced Security 12.4). I have 2 sites connected via 2 point to point T1s, connected through 2 port HWIC in each router. Each site has 2 DSLs to connect to the internet, one site also has 1 internet T1, all of these connections are made via the network. I want to configure the routers to route traffic from a specific VLAN to one of the internet connections normally but failover to any of the other connections, including across the point 2 point network.

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Re: Multiple routes on 2811


you can try HSRP for redundancy between routers and using EIGRP for their link activity.

also you can use tunnel interface on both router withy your desire destinations.

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Re: Multiple routes on 2811

One method to accomplish what you describe is use PBR (policy based routing) to direct the specific VLAN traffic to take you choice of path. PBR can be configured to deal with failure of the primary path.


for a whitepaper on PBR.

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