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Mutiple default routes on MPLS VPN running BGP

I have NEW AT&T PNT MPLS Network with 10 remote sites.

The entire network will be running BGP.

All remote CE locations will have different ASN's.

I have 2 of my locations that have internet connections. CE1 and CE2

I want to be able to send half of my locations internet traffic to CE1 and the rest of the locations out the internet at CE2. Is their a way to do this with BGP being that the AT&T MPLS cloud will have 2 default routes injected into it?

I know I can control the default route selection on the PE by priority by using the community list and lowering the the preference for back up purposes, but I am at a loss with how to control it with seperate remote locations wanting to use sepererate default routes in the MPLS cloud.

I know that I can use a GRE TUNNEL for half of the locations and route them across the MPLS but failover is little unstable in that solution in that the a GRE Tunnel will not always go down.

I was wanting to know if there is a BGP option to control the route selection inside the MPLS cloud or at CE?

If GRE is the only way to go then is there a way to control the route across the GRE to make sure that it will go down if the tunnel goes down.

I currently do not have any configurations since the MPLS cloud is just now being provisioned.

I am wondering has anyone else run into this siutation and is their a workaround or some mechanism inside BGP that I can make this work?

IDEAS ????????


Re: Mutiple default routes on MPLS VPN running BGP

Double check w/your ATT engineers. We were told by some sale people that we could use BGP attributes to manipulate routes, when in fact the ATT network does/did not support BGP aatributes (told by engineering when things were failing). That doesn't really answer your question, but it may help in your engineering.

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