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My etiquette has been lax and unappreciative...

It is now being punished and allowed to use only D-Link and Netgear products until it learns some manners.

I owe a huge thank you, cases of beer, and loads of holiday cheer {I'm still a poet on the weekends} to Peter Paluch, Jon Marshall, Cadet Alain, and Giuseppe Larosa, hands down some of the nicest brainiacs the computing world is lucky to have.

As an IT for a company primarily staffed by people who generally classify themselves as ||computer-literate (get it? or did I do it wrong... I spilled some brains this morning, then misplaced the cup I put them in... it's around here somewhere...), I'm asked to make all kinds of scenarios possible, which sometimes means a whole bunch of research, trial and error, crying, twitching and then finally, looking for some help.

The Cisco Support Community, and especially Peter, Jon, and Alain (in my opinion anyway) are without question, exactly the idea that internet purists had in mind when they thought "we could connect all the computers together and SHARE information! Then we'd ALL be smarter!"

I don't care how much you guys hear "Thank you," it's not enough, and five stars? C'mon, there should be a secret code that makes it possible to give some of these guys 10 at least.

I have just recently got back to work after a little {hehe, yeah...} health scare to find our Cisco 1800 router still plugging away and doing exactly what it was supposed to do, even while the network all around it went through a few "IT-less" (while I was in the med. center) topography changes. I remember when I first pulled the router out of its box. It was able to smell my fear and immediately began snarling and biting at the cables and our poor little Netgear (which got so scared it ran under a big worktable and we haven't seen it since), but today, thanks entirely to everyone here, things are different. Even our general manager will sometimes reach over and give the 1800 a little pat on the back. (never while its playing with it's D-Link chewtoy though, nuh uh... )

Thanks you guys,

Terry Laidacker

Artistic Iron Works

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Re: My etiquette has been lax and unappreciative...


Glad to hear the 1800 is working well.

I'm sure Peter, Alain and Giuseppe will be along later but from me, many thanks for the kind words. They are indeed very smart people and there are a lot of others who inhabit these forums and help people out with technical issues. That and the friendly atmosphere is what makes CSC what it is.

As for your etiquette i think you do pretty well in that regard already. You are really appreciative of the efforts made by others together with using the rating system when your question has been answered.  It's always a pleasure to help out people like yourself.

Sure i don't need to say it but any more 1800 problems you need help with, don't hesitate to post (hopefully before any twitching/crying


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My etiquette has been lax and unappreciative...

If you think giving out "thank you" and five stars are not enough, try this:

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