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Mysterious Problem

I have four T1 configured as MFR via MPLS. See below the config given by Telco.

One Point-to-Point sub-interface is used for Internet traffic, while the other one is used for private branch locations.

Technically, if one T1 goes down in a bundle, the traffic shouldn't be interrupted, and should flow via other 3 T1s in the bundle. But it is weird that whenever one T1 goes down the whole

network goes down. Telco is blaming on Cisco Router, and to date no one has clue.

I have tested couple of times such as reloading the router, and noticed that all the serial interfaces came

up automatically except the 3rd S0/1/0:0 (status up/down). Eventhough the other three interfaces came up, but

still nobody couldn't get out to the Internet, and branch offices. I had to manually shut down the interface, and brought it up back twice in order to bring the interface, and restored the flow of traffic.

Somehow redundancy is not working at all.

Any urgent help will be appreciated.


Re: Mysterious Problem

Did you check the encapsulation type used on all the interfaces matches with the remote end encapsulation types?

since u say the status of 3rd interface is up/down.

Community Member

Re: Mysterious Problem

I compared your config to mine and the only thing I noticed is that I have the command: frame-relay lmi-type ansi

under the interface MFR1 heading

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