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we have 2 routers like this:

R1--------(NAT outside)R2(NAT inside), and there is a FTP server behind R2, IP Address is: When someone from R1 tried connecting it, they got "503 not logged in" error msg. We configured our FTP server as anonymous login, and after we remove the NAT configuration on the R1, problem disappeared, may I what cause the FTP not working and what is the solution to solve the problem, we still need our NAT anyway.



Re: NAT and FTP


can you post the nat config of both routers!!

i think you have to nat staticaly your ftp server so it will have a static fixed address, because if you dont do so may be it will be using another address that is different from the one you are using to reach it!!


do rate if it does clarify

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Re: NAT and FTP


interface FastEthernet0/0

ip address secondary

ip address

no ip redirects

no ip proxy-arp

ip accounting output-packets

ip nat outside

duplex auto

speed auto


interface Serial0/0/0

bandwidth 1024

ip address

ip accounting output-packets

ip nat pool test_5 netmask

ip nat inside source list 182 pool test_5 overload


access-list 182 permit ip



interface FastEthernet0/0

ip address


Re: NAT and FTP

This is kinda confusing with your first post. You say the server is behind r2 and has a address of That interface is on fa 0/0 on r1 from your above post.

Now looking at what you have here you are saying when any traffic goes out fa 0/0 and has a source address in going to a address in change the 196.69.x.x address to with overload.

You have a couple of problems with this in that this address is on the same segment as you lan. How will the machines know to send back to the router. You can make this work but you would have to enable the proxy arp and either put a route in to null0 for or put it on a loopback interface.

Even if you fix this it is still not your problem if you are going from a outside nat interface to a inside one. You must put in a

IP NAT INSIDE STATIC so that the mapping is in the nat table. The pooled on is only used for traffic going from inside to outside.

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