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Nat and routing

Dear all,

i want to know about, Is it possible to Nat and routing on single router. i have 1811 having 2 FA routing ports and 6 switching ports (interface).

currently i am running NAT on this router. FA1 is configured as private ip, and FA0 is for public ip address. i want to add seconday ip address on FA1 to publish my web server.

I assigned a public ip (secondar) on FA1.

when i ping (extended) to ISP, it responses request time out using FA1(public IP). whereas when using default ping from private ip of FA1 i am able to recieve ping response.

can any help regarding this.


Re: Nat and routing

If you want publish a web server, why can't you just create another static NAT for the server


New Member

Re: Nat and routing

i have 3-5 servers that i have to publish. (web publishing) so thats whay i am asking that.

Re: Nat and routing

Hi Ammad.

I agree with Narayan.Did you mean webpublishing that can be accessed from the outside(Internet)? Have you got a block of public ip addresses from ISP? I meant a different block(Subnet) ip addresses that you assigned to FA1. You can achieve this task by using static nat.

F.e.The ip address of WebpublishServerA is mapping to public ip a.b.c.d

Keep life simple. ;-)

ip nat inside source static a.b.c.d

Added a bit security for your house.

ip nat inside source static tcp 443 a.b.c.d 443


ip nat inside source static tcp 80 a.b.c.d 80

Hope this helps


New Member

Re: Nat and routing

thanks thotsaphon,

i have two block of public ip address, one is being used between router FA0 and DSL, and 2nd block i wanto to use between FA1 and other online servers including (remote desktop, Webserver and other applications for testing, VPN).

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