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NAT Clarification

Hi at all

I have a router (R0) cisco connect with one interface e0 to network (inside) and one interface e1 to network (outside).

On the inside network there are many host that receive the ip and def-router from dhcp server on R0.

The host of network comunicate with host in network trought the ip of e1 interface on router R0 whit nat, this work fine and test with ping.

The of the nat in router R0 is the following:

Interface fastethernet 0

ip address

ip nat inside

Interface fastethernet 1

ip address

ip nat outside

ip nat pool over prefix-length 24

ip nat inside source list 101 pool over overload

access-list 101 permit icmp

access-list 101 permit ip

Now i need to configure R0 so as redirect all traffic of the hosts in inside network to internet to proxy server on port 8080.

I have fount difficult to accomplished this task using nat.

What is the best solution for this task??

Tanks for any response

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NAT Clarification


personally I don't think you'd be able to accomplish what you are looking for using NAT. As you want to change the destination port to 8080, it would be little tricky to make it work.

You'd have to look at other options such as WCCP which by definition should work well for Web traffic or simply putting a default route on the router pointing towards would not solve the port 8080 requirement instead it will send all the traffic traversing the router from inside to outside to your proxy

According to me, a better way for this would be to put the Proxy server inside your network and use it as the default gateway for the users. On the proxy you can configure the router to act as the default gateway. This would enable all the users to first send the traffic towards proxy server and then it will relay it to the router to be sent out to internet.

There might be other ways for this, hopefully we'll hear from other experts as well witrh their comments


New Member

NAT Clarification

Thanks for replay Neeraj

To accomplished task to change ip/port destination can I use any method (not necessarily NAT).

I can set on router R0 default-gateway whit the proxy ip but this only listens 8080 port.

I hope there is a possible solution for this task only using IOS router command.

Tanks for any responses

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