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NAT Conversion problem... Please help

Hello all, I have a 3mb circuit with AT&T using a Cisco 2800 router...Managed by AT&T...

I have 16 statics provided to me by them and use NAT to forward them to my,255.255 network...

The problem is as follows...

I have a user on my network with a static IP,who actually hosts his website external from my network... He uses his static IP to pull webcam data from his home office, which is located on my network...

Basically what happens is when you type in his address, the site loads from the server he is hosted with elsewhere... and then pulls his webcam data via the static IP provided to him by me... The actual conversion is to

Anyone in the world can type in the and load his website... However on MY network when we type in that same IP we get page cant be displayed...

If we type in the which is his private static on OUR network, then it loads fine... The delima is that we need to be able to type to access his site on OUR NETWORK as well...and when we do that we get page not displayed...

I have contacted teir 3 support at AT&T with my NAT setting trying to figure out a way to make the work for the WAN and LAN but we cant come up with a solution...

I will list my nat settings below...

The end result is that a user of mine has his site hosted with a hosting company... He has a webcam on his site that pulls data from the He MUST use this static IP to allow the world to see the camera... However, when he loads the site up at his home, which is ON our private network, the page loads fine, but the webcam data will not work... No one on OUR network can see the camera stream... Anyone not on our network can load it fine... See the delima?

Is there a possible fix for this? or is this just the nature of NAT? There must be a way for my private network to type in the PUBLIC STATIC IP and pull data... The router should know thru NAT to get it from


Re: NAT Conversion problem... Please help

Do one thing only man,

Put static route for to pointing ISP end IP address.

ip route {ISP End router IP}

By this static route if any traffic will come on routerfor above IP address it will forward to your ISP.

what ever traffic will come from outside it will see first NAT convert it in to IP now this local IP is available on you local interface. This how it will work.

If you have accesslist, Open Access list for

this IP on inside

access-list 101 permit tcp any host

It must be work.. I am able to open your web cam. I can see your house.. so you should also.


Dharmesh Purohit

Community Member

Re: NAT Conversion problem... Please help

Thank you for the information... I will forward this on to the Tier 3 person I have been dealing with and hopefully he can make the change... and everything work fine...

On my local network when I try to load the 12.179 IP, I simply get page not displayed... however when I type the NAT Local IP the page loads fine...

This would seem normal but he cannot use the 10.10 as a link on his webpage as it would only load for our local machines...Hense he uses the 12.179 on his page and it loads for the outside world, just not local...

Thanks again, I will post back with results...

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