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NAT for port translation only

I've got a situation that requires me to translate a port only and not the actual address. I've tested this in gns and it works well, as long as the address that I'm translating isn't directly connected to the router; otherwise I get an address conflict. My saving grace is that in my real world scenario, I don't have the subnet directly attached to the router for the address that I'm translating, but instead I have a static route that points to a next hop and I readvertise that static route into bgp.

What I'm wondering is if: a) there's a better way to do this, or if not b) could there potentially be any issues with doing this that I'm just not seeing in a lab environment?

I've got a web server running on 52001 that has to run on 80. The hosting company can't seem to get it changed, so I figured I could nat the port. I configured it like:

ip nat source static tcp 52001 80

int g0/0

ip nat enable

int g0/1

ip nat enable

Like I said, it works fine, but is there a better way to do this without nat (I'm not aware of any other way) and could there be any potential issues with this?



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