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NAT Pool?


Here is my situation...

I have around 20 or so workstations on the /24 network. These workstations use DHCP.

These workstations need to communicate with another network, and they need to have NATTED IP addresses.

The NATTED IP address range I have been given for these workstations is /25.

There needs to be a one-to-one translation (no overload). I am assuming I would need to build a NAT pool, but it doesnt seem to be working for me. I know routing and everything works, because I can do a single static translation. For example...

ip nat inside source static

That translation works fine if I set it up like that.

However, the workstations are not static addresses....and I would like to implement the pool of outside addresses.

How would I go about doing so?

Here is what I was thinking...

ip nat pool TEST prefix-length 25

ip nat inside source list 100 pool TEST

ip access-list 100 permit

That is what I was thinking, but it doesnt work. Am I missing something?

(PS - I know about adding the "inside/outside" on the interfaces. That is not the problem)


Re: NAT Pool?


Can you change the NAT pool starting from to .127? Also enable ip subnet-zero on your router to make sure it does not ignore the subnet zero addresses... also do a debug ip nat and see the output... refer to this doc..

hope this helps.. rate replies if found useful..



Re: NAT Pool?

Please provide more config, i.e. the section w/ NAT command.

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Re: NAT Pool?

the config looks ok to me. Please check if you get hits on the access list 100 for the customer.

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