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New Member

NAT syslog logging has increased

We upgraded from 12.2 to 12.4

We have NAT Logging enabled with the following commands.

service timestamps debug datetime localtime show-timezone

service timestamps log datetime localtime show-timezoneip nat log translations syslog

logging queue-limit 100

logging history informational

logging trap debugging

logging x.x.x.x

Under 12.1, our syslog looked like this:

Jan 2 00:02:43 x.x.x.x 16013572: Jan 2 00:02:42 EST: %IPNAT-6-NAT_CREATED: Created ? x.x.x.x


Jan 2 00:02:46 x.x.x.x 16013573: Jan 2 00:02:45 EST: %IPNAT-6-NAT_DELETED: Deleted ? x.x.x.x


(obviously x.x.x.x are real IP's)

One nat would be created per IP, till the timeout cleared it.

Now our logs look like this:

Apr 12 22:44:27 125797905: Apr 12 22:44:27 EDT: %IPNAT-6-NAT_CREATED: Created udp x.x.x.162:39442

Apr 12 22:44:27 125797906: Apr 12 22:44:27 EDT: %IPNAT-6-NAT_CREATED: Created udp x.x.x.162:39442

Several NAT's for the same internal IP, and the same external IP.

Is there a way we can go back to the original logging method? Our logs have gone from several hundred megabytes to 4 or 5 gigs a day, and this is posing a problem.

New Member

Re: NAT syslog logging has increased

Nobody has any ideas?


Re: NAT syslog logging has increased

Upgrade the IOS to 12.4.6(3). It is related to problem bug - CSCek10384

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