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NAT using public IP on LAN side

Hello to all.

I'm trying to configure NAT in the following toplogy:

Edge router (private network A) ------ (private network A) CiscoRouter (private network B and public network A) ------ Servers in the private nertwork B and servers in the public network A

If I configure a server in the "public network A" (IP, default GW and DNS) I can access the Internet, all fine. But now I need to configure a server in the "private network B" and do NAT in CiscoRouter to access Internet.

The problem as you can see is that I don't have a public IP Addres in the "WAN side" of the CiscoRouter, which would be the typical case of a home router NAT.

I really don't know if I can do this in a Cisco router, but in a Linux router is perfectly possible. I have the same scenario in a Linux router working perfectly.

In my case I need this two networks (private network B and public network A) to be on the "LAN side" of CiscoRouter because I need some server with private address and NAT to access the Internet and some others with public IP and direct access to/from the Internet.

Can you help me please? Do you need some network scheme to clarify?

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards.


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Hi Mauro, If I got correctly

Hi Mauro,


If I got correctly you question, you would do it with a similar static nat statement, assuming you have all other nat required configurations set correctly:


ip nat inside source static tcp <private-ip-address> 80 <public-ip-address> 80



ip nat inside source static tcp 80 80




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Hello MauroCan you please

Hello Mauro

Can you please explain your network design clearly?


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