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NATing the destination address

I have configured NAT on the cisco router and wanted to do a address translation for the destination address. My local LAN is My server is in a different network from My network, i would like to give dummy IP addres and the router should NAT the same to orignal IP address ( and route it to the destination. Request assistance in achieving the same.

Thank you


Re: NATing the destination address

NAT is of two types:a)Static and b)Dynamic. Since you want to use two private ip addresses internally you have to configure DYNAMIC NAT on your cisco router.Access lists are also to be configured as a part of NAT process.Following commands are to be given in order to configure the Dynamic NAT:

1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. ip nat pool name start-ip end-ip {netmask netmask | prefix-length prefix-length}

4. access-list access-list-number permit source [source-wildcard]

5. ip nat inside source list access-list-number pool name

6. interface type number

7. ip address ip-address mask

8. ip nat inside

9. exit

10. interface type number

11. ip address ip-address mask

12. ip nat outside

For examples of NAT configuration refer:

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