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Need configuration help setting up metro ethernet please


I come from a frame-relay background, and we are going to be evaluating metro ethernet. We have a test site setup, and I am able to get it to come up when connecting 1841 routers on each end with no vlans. However, when I try to connect to our 6509, which is where we want this to go for production purposes, I cannot get it to work. Could someone please have a look at my configuration and see what I am missing or doing incorrectly? The vlan assigned by the phone company is 539. I want to make the central site and the remote We have a 6509 with SUP2 and MSFC2 running CatOS at the central site and a 1841 at the remote. Here is my config:

Central site - MSFC2


interface Vlan539

description Metro Ethernet to remote

ip address

ip nat inside

no cdp enable

Central site - switch


set vlan 539 name Remote type ethernet mtu 1500 said 100539 state active



set vlan 539 3/46

set trunk 3/46 on dot1q 1-4094

(NOTE: 3/46 is set to 100 FULL)

Remote site


interface FastEthernet0/1

description WAN IP for MetroE to central

no ip address

speed 100


no cdp enable


interface FastEthernet0/1.1

encapsulation dot1Q 539

ip address

no snmp trap link-status

no cdp enable

With this configuration, I can ping the local ip on each router, but not across. I know the metro ethernet itself is working as I was able to ping across when I just had a couple of 1841s configured with ip addresses but no vlans or sub-interfaces, I was able to ping across both ways. Any help greatly appreciated as I am new to this and baffled!

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Re: Need configuration help setting up metro ethernet please

Is this Metro-Ethernet? It can be said only Campus network or just normal LAN.

Can you check your vlan configuration at both Central Site ?

1) Sh vlan

2) Sh int vlan 539

Is it UP? Is the trunk forward the proper VLAN?

What is connectivity at interface 3/46?


Re: Need configuration help setting up metro ethernet please


If you want your provider to support your VLAN's that would have to be in your service contract. I believe you just have a metro ethernet service which just means your WAN data link is ethernet.

Change your configuration so that your HQ switch port 3/46 is an access port, and remove your subinterface at your remote office and just put the IP address on Fa0/1.


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Re: Need configuration help setting up metro ethernet please

Yup, you are absolutely correct, Daniel. This is not a Metro Ethernet Service. This is just point-to-point Ethernet.

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