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Need lil help with AS5300

Hi, I'v got this AS5300 cisco switch, I'm using it for VOIP traffic, I need some help on editing, configuring, administring VOIP carriers on this device, it has 4 E1 ports. I saw on www that there is an easyway doing this with some kind software or interface called Cisco Voice Manger or something like that. Can sombody tell me where to download it, or where to start. Please.


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Re: Need lil help with AS5300


if you have a single AS5300, I would suggest you against using any tool to configure it, because it will hide fro you the actual configuration logic and will prevent you from learning how to configure, monitor and troubleshoot the device in a proper, professional way.

If you tell us what is the intended used for your AS5300 we can point you to some document with configuration examples that you can start from.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: Need lil help with AS5300

Well I have 1 WTL telecom Swithc with 48E1, and 1 cisco AS5300 4E1, what I want to do is use the cisco as extra voip handling source, that means, I will move few voip cariers from WTL switch to cisco, the cisco will only accept incoming calls filter the prefix if the prefix is right cisco will send the call to WTL switch with same prefix. In this case I have a sip carrier wich is sending traffic from 2 IP's with prefix let's say : 44444, that is coming in via internet, all 4 E1's on cisco are alredy configured and connected to WTL switch. so the traffic comes in from internet cisco filter is and if prefix and IP is right than cisco sends it to WTL swithc, thats wat I want to do, add new carriers, edit existing ones.

Thanks for you help.

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Re: Need lil help with AS5300

Now I'm replying in "Service providers voip" that is more appropriate forum. - thanks.

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