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Need some pointers

We have an MPLS WAN.  The primary internet front end exists in hosted facility, the corporate HQ has its own internet connection which is new.

The problem:

We have a MS Terminal Server located at the HQ that has external DNS translated thru the firewall at the hosted facility.  I need that terminal server to maintnain that route for out bound packets becasue when I redefine the gateway of last resort for the Corp HQ to the new internet connection the outbound packets from the TS take the wrong path for connections made from the cloud and break the conversation;

Can I specify a default route just for that host?  I do not care if it is done on the router or the switch but I see the router as stomping whatever the switch attempts anyway as the packets are sent out of the building.  Essentially, I want to force the TS back to the hosted facility for its public connection and allow the rest of the building to use the local connection which is of higher bandwidth.

I have tried tunneling and PBR without much luck.

Any Ideas?


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Need some pointers

In this situation, I'd put it directly on the host. If you want all default traffic to go out a different gateway, there's no reason to get fancy with routing in the router with PBR, etc. You can do it through network settings in Windows. If you want to have 2 default gateways in Windows, set a second gateway with a higher metric.



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