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need to enable Option 60 on the Cisco 6509 switch

Hi Guys,

We have Cisco 6509 switch, in which DHCP is enabled and now we have WDS(Windows Deployment server) that needs option 60 to be enabled on DHCP scope for deplyoing OS remotley to PC's. can anyone give me the sample configuration to enable the option 60.

Need that ASAP.



Cisco Employee

need to enable Option 60 on the Cisco 6509 switch

I guess this is for PXE boot?

When a Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) client boots, it must perform two actions: it

must obtain an IP address from a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, and it

must locate a PXE boot server that will send it the appropriate files from which to boot.

So you will need to specify the PXE boot server using the option commands in the DHCP

configuration. Option 60 is for PXEClient and Option 43 is for a set of parameters

including the IP of the server.

option 60 ascii PXEClient

option 43 hex your_hex_string_goes_here

Here's the PXE specification:

Here's a link from Intel (PXE creators) that references several vendors

This is a nicer link about how to create the binary string:

Since the DHCP and the PXE boot server are different machines and IPs, option 43 and 60

will be used, both option formats have to be provided by the software vendor.

Option 43 is documented as "vendor specific information", so the information contained in

it varies from one vendor to another.  If the option should contain "a set of IP

addresses" as well as "tcp port number 6301".  You need to know exactly how this

information is formatted.

An example is below. If you want your option 43 to contain info in the following order:

1) IP address

2) IP address

3) Port number 6301 (as a two byte value)

This would be, in hex 1) 0a000001 2)14000002 3)189D so, the command would be option 43 hex

0a. option

Here is a little example to make it clearer:


ip dhcp pool INTERESTING


    bootfile Setup\English\Tools\emBOOT\i386\tool4.ldr



    domain-name voxcom.corp


    option 66 ascii "vox_training"

    option 60 ascii "PXEClient"

    option 43 hex 06:01:07:08:07:00:0f:01:0a:00:00:33:09:05:00:0f:02:52:42:0a:02:00:52:ff

Hope this helps,


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