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Netflow on CRS (MPLS problem)

Hi all,

I have configured netflow on CRS platfom, but it seems it doesn't capture/export any mpls information(traffic) on mpls enabled interfaces. My configuration is:


flow monitor-map xxxxxxx
 record mpls ipv4-fields
 exporter xxxxxxx
 cache entries 10000
 cache timeout active 30
 cache timeout inactive 15

sampler-map xxxxxxx
 random 1 out-of 1500

flow exporter-map xxxxxxx
 version v9
  options interface-table timeout 60
  options sampler-table timeout 60
  template timeout 60
  template data timeout 60
  template options timeout 60
 transport udp 9950
 source Loopback0
 destination xxxxxxx


interface Bundle-Etherx.xx
 description test
 mtu 9200
 ipv4 mtu 9000
 ipv4 address x.x.x.x
 ipv6 mtu 9000
 ipv6 address x6.x6.x6.x6
 flow ipv6 monitor x6monitor sampler x ingress
 flow mpls monitor MPLSmonitor sampler x ingress
 dot1q vlan x

This is show command for that interface:


RP/0/RP0/CPU0:CN-Srce-00-RO#show flow monitor MPLSmonitor cache match interface ingress eq bundle-ether 1.155 location 0/7/CPU0
Fri Aug 29 13:09:57.352 MET
Cache summary for Flow Monitor CN-NetFlow-MPLSmonitor:
Cache size:                          10000
Current entries:                         0
High Watermark:                       9500
Flows added:                       3335609
Flows not added:                         0
Ager Polls:                       27241668
  - Active timeout                   65946
  - Inactive timeout               3244005
  - TCP FIN flag                     25658
  - Watermark aged                       0
  - Emergency aged                       0
  - Counter wrap aged                    0
  - Total                          3335609
Periodic export:
  - Counter wrap                         0
  - TCP FIN flag                         0
Flows exported                     3335609

Matching entries:                        0

I have also configured ipv4 and ipv6 monitor maps on few other interfaces and I can see netflow info of that type of traffic.

Tnx for your help.

Best regards,



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