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Netflow v9 support on SR code releases for 7600?

What are the limitations of Netflow v9 support on the 7600 platform for the SR code releases?

I know that Flexible Netflow is only available on newer releases with some newer hardware.   Flexible Netflow gives you the ability to provide full support for Netflow v9 as well as IPFIX.  

However, the documentation indicates that Netflow v9 is still supported in the SR code.   So I am just trying to find out what are the limitations in how Netflow v9 is implemented without "Flexible Netflow".   The Cisco TAC was unable to provide me any documentation about this.



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Netflow v9 support on SR code releases for 7600?

We don't have a 7600 to test this however, if you send us a packet capture of the NetFlow / IPFIX exports, we will provide you with the information you need.  We work with Cisco on nearly every type of NetFlow and IPFIX export they have released.  Here is a partial list:

* Performance Monitoring

* Performance Routing

* Performance Agent

* Cisco TrustSec

* Smart Logging Telemetry

* Cisco ASA (NSEL exports)

* NetFlow-Lite (IPFIX)

* a couple others still under NDA

Please be sure it is a long capture and we need the template so make sure you have the active timeout set for ~60 seconds.  Please contact Scott Robertson x250 his email: scott[at]


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