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Network Acceptable Parameters for Applications- WAN


I have a situation where my customer needs to deploy certain applications.These applications will communicate to central office via WAN(MPLS L2/l3).

These applicatons range from smart metring,irrigation system controllers etc.

My concern is that as these applicatons communicate over the WAN ; the network parameters of SP WAN infrastructure may not be appropriate for deployment for e.g


Packet loss


I need to check if someone can provide a comprehensive list of all these parameters that i should check with my Applicaton Vandor as well as the SP to make sure smooth deploymnet.

Please share your thoughts.



Re: Network Acceptable Parameters for Applications- WAN


For network application, per QoS model the most important parameters are (you noted almost all of them):

  • tolerance to latency;
  • maximum jitter;
  • allocated bandwidth per session/user (capacity management);
  • tolerance to packet loss.

If you are using any "industrial" device to communicate over WAN, then I would also ask for MTU requirements (it could be using UDP, or had no PMTU discovery) and any known issue related to packet reordering.

If you are using MPLS, then (almost for sure) it's possible to request provider for QoS.

After you have all the requirements from application vendor, you could design your QoS with ISP.

PS: I would recommend to ask vendor for any example of simular implementation.

PS2: try the application on some pilot sites before enterprise-wide rollout.

PS3: if you are using poor Wireless design (inside your LAN), then it could be a bottleneck for the applications regardless of WAN link quality.

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Re: Network Acceptable Parameters for Applications- WAN

Ask vendor for their SLAs.  Also ask for SLAs for different QoS classes.

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